Pumpkin Mousse Minis




  1. In bowl combine, powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter, vanilla extract, and spice.
  2. Beat with a hand mixer until light and fluffy.
  3. Add pumpkin puree and mix until blended.
  4. Fold in the first batch of whipped cream.
  5. In pipping bag with flat round tip, put in mixture
  6. Divide mixture between 2 oz. ramekins or shot glasses or mini parfait glasses
  7. Fill glasses halfway
  8. Sprinkle cookie crumble
  9. Fill the rest of glasses with pumpkin mixture from piping bag.
  10. Let set for 30 minutes
  11. Take whipped cream for garnish in pastry bag with star tip, and pipe on top of pumpkin mixture
  12. Top with a sprinkle of cookie sprinkles, and finely chopped nuts.


Adapted From | Petite Sweets