Amen Wardy Napkin Basket

Woven Square Napkin Basket with Up-Handles


Artisans, from remote villages in the South Pacific, hand-make each of these baskets using vines called “Vignes d’eau” or water-vines. They only grow in remote mountain jungles and are very difficult to reach and challenging to harvest. However, once reaped, the vines grow back quickly, leaving no damage in their native forests. At a mere 3 millimeters in diameter, they are barely one-fourth as thick as typical rattan. The water-vine takes 1-7 days to hand-weave into a finished design but yields a substantially more durable, heat-resistant, and elegant product. Fits a box of Amen Wardy Elegance Paper Napkins.

Size: 8″ SQ X 3.75″H
Color: Toasted Brown
Item: CP17L
Vendor: 1512

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